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Queensland Vision Initiative Inc

The Queensland Vision Initiative Inc (QVI) is an alliance of health care professionals working together with the aim of improving eye health for all Queenslanders.
The QVI website has been developed to provide up-to-date information on eye health services across Queensland, including information on:

Image of eye chart
  • The importance of regular eye tests
  • Eye Health Professionals in Queensland
  • Eye conditions
  • Low vision, rehabilitation services and community support groups
  • Vision Research
  • Stories about Vision Loss
  • News and Events across Queensland
  • Links to member and other vision-related sites


Whilst Queensland Vision Initiative Inc has endeavoured to ensure the content of the website is accurate, we make no claim as to its total accuracy or completeness, nor will we be liable for any loss arising from its supply, performance or use.  Information on this website does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon as such.  Queensland Vision Initiative Inc and the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing do not endorse, and are not responsible for the views, products or services offered or provided by other agencies included on this website.

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Queensland Vision Initiative Vision Workshops

QVI will be hosting a series of Vision Workshops aimed at allied health professionals in the coming months.  These workshops are aimed at improving the health professional's knowledge of vision, problems with the vision and treatments and services available.  The focus of the workshops will be services available in Queensland and participants will be provided with information and resources.

The workshops will be held on the following dates:

  • 28th September, Vision Australia Building, Brisbane
  • 7th September, Vision Eye Institute Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast
  • 26th October, Toowoomba

If you are interested in attending any of these free workshops please email the QVI Project Officer for more information or to register.


QVI has reached a wide audience of health professionals via annual broadcasts - through the Australasian College of Health Service Management and Queensland Health. These broadcasts have been transmitted to hospital staff at 150-200 QH facilities across Queensland.

2007 Eye Health Services in Queensland
Chair: Ms Clare Besley, General Manager Queensland Eye Institute
Dr John Vance, Retina Australia (Qld) Inc
Professor Leo Carney, Head of the School of Optometry, QUT
Professor Lawrence Hirst, CEO Queensland Eye Institute
Alexander Guilliland, President QVI Inc

 Image of panellists 2008 broadcast
2008 Indigenous eye health services
Chair: Mr Greg Johnson, President QVI Inc
Ms Isabel Tarrago, Department of Natural Resources and Water
Professor Joanne Wood, Professor in the School of Optometry, QUT
Mr Rowan Churchill, Optometrist
Dr Stephen Godfrey, Ophthalmologist
Ms Cassandra Koutouridis, Project Officer QVI Inc

 Image of panellists 2009 broadcast  

2009 Low vision services throughout the state
Chair: Mr Greg Johnson, President QVI Inc
Ms Karen Knight, Regional Manager of Vision Australia (Qld &NT)
Mr Bashir Ebrahim, Guide Dogs Queensland
Dr Andrew Carkeet, QUT School of Optometry
Ms Lucy Walker, Macular Degeneration Foundation
Dr Anthony Pane, Ophthalmologist, Queensland Eye Institute

 Image of panellists 2009 broadcast

2009 Diabetes and vision
Chair: Kady Brandon (Optometrist), President QVI Inc
Ms Michelle Trute, CEO, Diabetes Australia Queensland
Mr Simon Hurwood, Optometrist
Dr Erwin Groeneveld, Ophthalmologist, Brisbane Eye Clinic
Ms Tracey Tellam, Diabetes Educator and Secretary Australian Diabetes Educator Association

 Image of panellists 2010 broadcast  

2010 Glaucoma the sneak thief of sight
Chair: Kady Brandon, President QVI Inc
Dr Ken Hutchinson, Ophthalmologist
Ms Shannon Smith, Optometrist and President Optometrists Association of Australia (QLD &NT)
Dr Guy d’Mellow, Ophthalmologist and council member of Glaucoma Australia
Dr Geraldine Moses, Consultant Pharmacist

 Image of panellists 2011 broadcast  

2011  Smoking and vision loss
Chair: Greg Johnson, President Queensland Vision Initiative Inc.
Ms Kate Johnson, Optometrist and President of the Optometrists Association Australia (Queensland Branch)
Dr Erwin Groeneveld, Ophthalmologist, Brisbane Eye Clinic
Ms Rachel Hull, Community Services Coordinator, Cancer Council Queensland
Ms Carolyn Clementson, Community Pharmacist

If you were unable to view any of these programs, and you would like a free DVD copy, please email

Queensland Vision Initiative Inc (QVI) acknowledges the support of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing in relation to the Regional Referral Pathway Project and the development of this website.  

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